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Design process

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1. Firstly, our technical dept.will do preliminary analysis on feasibility of the product mould and scrutiny on the product drawing mainly for the critical dimension and structure. Such analysis will do a big favour to the following mould design.

2.According to the drawing offered by customer, the technical dept.need confirm following points:
A) Product Material
B) Product Shrinkage
C) Product Dimensional Accuracy
D) Requirement on Product Surface
E) Mould Cavities
F) Product usage and etc.

After confirming these key points, the technical dept.will start 3D design for the product mould.  


3.To convert the product to be programmable 3D data in a computer, there are several ways. 
A) Make the product's 3D data based on its simple drawing.
B) Measuring the sample via Tri-ordinate Measuring and the data will be transferred into the computer for data organization.
C) Scanning the sample to get 3D data directly

After getting these data, the technician need 3D softwares like UG to process the data. From point to line, from line to face, and from face to solid modelling.
4.With the product 3D data,technicians still need use 3D softwares like UG to make the preliminary design for its mould. Mould design must strictly follows company's design rules. Only after the team leader from production dept.confirm the mould design from technical dept., the data can be sent to machining centers for following process.Above is the whole mould design process.