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The Way To Make High Quality Plastic Crate Mould

2018-07-04 Click

What kind of plastic crate mould can be called a good crate mould? Basically, it needs to meet the following key points:


1. Long mould life

2. High speed cycle time

3. Air venting solution in the crate's handle area & bottom area


Do you know how to make the plastic crate mould work well?

1. Choose the correct steel for the plastic crate mold.

You have to choose the correct steel or material for the durable mould components. For example, if you need to make a 2 cavities crate mould, then you need to make to use a pre-hardened steel with HRC bigger than 30 for mould base, such as P20.

2. Make the correct harden treatment to each steel piece and make the steel hardness controlled, cannot make it too hard.

3. If the plastic crate is one-time using, some of the plastic crate mould manufacturer may use recycled material to make the injection.

Then we have to consider about this 2 points.  

1) How to be sure the small steel piece and the scrap will not damage the cavities and cores.

2) How to avoid the small steel piece and the pebbles enter into the cavities?


How to make a crate mold with high speed cycle time?

1. Good plastic material filling system, you need a very special hot runner system.

2. For all kinds of mould, the high speed running is based on the mould is precision machining, the movement parts with accurate guided. And the steel has to be very good steel.

3. You need to make the cooling the best optimal effect.

For durable crate mould, you need to use mold-max on the molding area with excellent cooling water channel design.

4. Plastic crate mould design is also very important, it is better to use a mechanical system onto the crate mould ejection, in this way, you can make the ejection action when the mould opening.

For one-time use crate, you need to use tempering steel with excellent cooling system designed. As much as possible for the crate mould cooling lines.

5. You need the high speed injection molding machine to run it, the screw RPM should be bigger than 350.

6. For all kinds of mould, the high speed running is based on the mould is precision machining, the movement parts with accurate guided.And the steel has to be very good steel.


How to solve the plastic crate mould handle area venting?

This is an important issue, as because when the plastic crate was loaded and the people carry the crate, the 2 handle area will be the biggest force focused. If on the mould, this area's air venting is not perfect, there will be a very obviously jointing line. The damage are always come from this line.


RC MOULD is a leading China plastic crate mould manufacturer. We have developed more than 600 sets various crate moulds, such like, bottle crate mould, fish crate mould, fruit crate mould, bread crate mould, etc.. Especially we have done the 1 and 2 cavities plastic crate moulds, they are suitable for high speed injection, and the speed can approach 18s. We can say that we are the top plastic crate mould manufacturer in China.


Our questions are:

1. Do you need a high production plastic crate mould?

2. Do you want to try a 1 cavity crate mould with the dimension 500x300x150mm with the cycle time 15~18 seconds?

3. Do you want to use the recycled plastic material to molding the one-time using plastic crate?

4. Do you need the folding crate mould with stacking mould design?

If you need to solve and clarify all these questions, please come to RC  Mould for crate mould and plastic crate molding solutions!