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Key Advantages of Hot Runner Systems for Medical Mould

2018-07-04 Click

Nowadays medical plastic has become an exclusive term in medical mould manufacturing, the reason for which is, as we could know, that plastic has its unique advantages. These unique advantages include lower cost, simple processing and so on, making plastic have a wide range of applications in medical equipment. Medical equipment has become safer and more environmentally friendly by using new medical plastic material.


The medical injection mold is a tool for producing plastic medical products, and also a tool for giving the complete structure and precise dimensions of the plastic medical products. Injection mould is a processing method used in the mass production of some complex parts. Mold has so wide range of applications that almost all of product components in modern manufacturing require the use of molds. Therefore, the mould industry is an important part of the national high-tech industry and an important and valuable technical resource. 


The hot runner system, as a common part of the injection mould system, plays an important role in the production molding of the mold. At the same time, the hot runner system also plays an important role in the production of plastic medical injection molding. The application of hot runner system are so extensive because of its outstanding advantages in the following aspects:


1. Be convenient for molding super-large products and difficult-to-form articles

The plastic material in the hot runner system maintains the molten state, which makes the mold simple in construction, facilitates molding, and speeds up the molding process. Because the temperature of the hot runner system is controllable, the mold hot runner system with high temperature requirements can be easily completed. So the hot runner moulding systems can produce high quality plastic medical mould.


2. Save material costs

The plastic in the hot runner system generally does not need to open the flow path to remove the aggregate after stopping, and only need to heat the flow path to the required temperature when the power is turned on. In contrast, cold materials produce relatively more waste, resulting in wasted funds and resources. It is an environmentally friendly way in plastic medical mould process for producing plastic medical products.


3. The hot runner system has high forming efficiency and does not generate waste. It is an environment-friendly and resource-saving machine.


The hot runner system for plastic medical parts mould is using the method of heating to ensure that the plastic material of the runners and gates is kept in a molten state, and the required medical parts injecting molding are formed. The use of hot runner systems to make plastic medical mould is welcomed by medical mould manufacturers, of course, including China plastic medical mould manufacturers


It's because that the hot runner system can shorten the molding time of plastic medical mold to less than 5 seconds. It also saves raw plastic materials. Since the hot runner system does not generate waste, the hot runner technology is an effective way to reduce the cost of materials and materials, and is certainly welcomed by medical mould manufacturers. 


In addition, the hot runner system can improve the quality of the plastic medical injection mould. Because the temperature is controlled well, the quality of the parts of the medical appliances can be guaranteed. 


Finally improving production efficiency is also one of the advantages of hot runner systems. In summary, the application of the hot runner system for the manufacture of medical mold is an irresistible trend.