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How To Make Good Plastic Crate Mould?

2018-07-04 Click

The quality of the crate will depend to some extent on your crate mould quality, so you must ensure the quality of the crate mold is good. Generally speaking, high-quality crate mould means that the crate mould needs has the following advantages: 


Quality points of crate molds

1. Long life

2. High-speed injection

3. Have a good exhaust system in crate handle part


Technical points of crate molds

1. How to make a long-life crate mold?

First you need to choose the right materials for the crate mold base and mold core and cavity. For example: to make 4 cavity crate mold, must use pre-hardened steel material which more than 33 HRC, and then select the appropriate standard mold parts.


Second, must control the hardness of each piece of steel material, not too hard.

Then, the friction and the guide portion must be fine finished, not by any manual work.


Finally, some mould manufacturers and suppliers may use recycled materials for injection plastic circulation box mould, we must consider the following points:

A) How to ensure that impurities do not damage the core and cavity; 

B) How to prevent contaminants from entering cavity.


2. How to use high-speed injection to run crate mold

Good plastic material filling system requires a special auxiliary molding with hot runner system, because the production of durable crates requires low melt index HDPE material, such as melt index of 4 or 6, and so on.


Ensure that the cooling system achieve the best results. To produce durable plastic circulation box, the mold must be the largest cooling circuit design optimal molding surface. The crate mold must use tempered steel material with excellent cooling water.


When using high-speed injection molding machines to run the plastic circulation box, the injection screw speed must be greater than 350. Most plastic crate manufacturers use accumulator to improve the melt injection speed.


Plastic crate mold design is also very important. Ejection mode crate mold is preferably designed as a mechanical automatic ejection system, so that when the mold is opened the crate made out. Of course, if the injection molding machine can be equipped with two hydraulic drive machine for automatic ejection, the mold ejection action can be more smoothly.


For different types of plastic mold, if want to achieve high-speed operation. The plastic mold must be highly accurate and accessories must have an accurate guide function, otherwise the dies can not have high-speed operating performance.


The handle exhaust is a very important issue, because when the crate overloading, the handles at both sides are the stress points that bear the load. If the exhaust of the handles not good properly, will leave a visible welding seam, the product is very easy to be damaged. The plastic crate mould often adopts 4 or 6 hot runner drops gate (or 3 plates crate mold) due to the large size, complex shapes; 4 sliders are needed.


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